Terms & Conditions

In this Buy or Sell Item, the page is to inform you about the content lockers. You will encounter these lockers on various occasions while surfing through the content. They are set to protect the content according to Terms & Conditions. You will need to enter your email address or perform a certain action to unlock the content.

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Signing in using an Email address

When you sign up using your email address or through social media, you agree to be a part of the subscription list. You will be receiving news, special offers, and any new deals. If you don’t want these emails, you can unsubscribe at any time using the given link.


Signing in through Social media apps

Signing in with the Social media apps will require some assurance in terms of permission to read or perform a certain action on social media.

It only extracts the (as per the privacy policy of the website):


  • Name
  • Email Address

Terms & conditions content lockers will never collect the data or publish anything on social media under your name without permission. Once you unlock the content, you can access it anytime and it will never ask about permissions again.