Creative Home Steppes 2.8 Qt Stainless Steel Whistling Teakettle with Aluminum Capsulated Bottom, Brushed Finish Body with Purple Coated Handle

Product Description

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Elegant and Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic body shape and design handle increase the comfort of pouring and filling water. The one touch button allows you to easily open or close the spout by one hand.

Loud whistling sound that you can hear from nearby could draw your attention when the water is at boil for your safety concern.

Insulated Stay Cool Handle

Insulated stay cool handle and trigger, spout cover, knob:

Flip-up spout cover engaged by a trigger located on the stay-cool handle can operate by using just one hand effortless. You don’t need to touch any part of the spout or kettle body with hands.

Aluminum Capsulated Bottom

5-Layer Encapsulated Base:

Sandwich bottom with aluminum and iron inside the pot bottom provides high thermal conductivity and even heat distribution. Less time boiling water, save more power energy.


2.8 Quart

2.8 Quart

2.8 Quart

3.7 Quart

Whistling Function

Stay Cool Handle

Capsulated Bottom

2.8 Quart capability
Aluminum Capsulated Bottom-conducts heat better
Loud Whistling when water boiled to keep you safe at home
Ergonomic handle design for easy lifting. Push button spout for easy pouring
Elegant design to match your traditional or contemporary modern home decor

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